Commuter Information

Log your trips. Track your savings. Get more green.

Please note:

    • The Trip Tracking incentive program is temporarily suspended, pending review. Commuters are welcome to continue logging their trips.

To access EzTrack and begin logging your trips, please visit the Commuter Log in website, we suggest you save this link in your “Favorites” on your computer for easy access.  Click “I already have an account,” then enter your email address and password.  If you have forgotten your password, you can click “I forgot my password.”  Once you have entered your email address and password, click “Log in to EzTrack Trip Tracking.” 

To begin tracking your trips, you will first need to set up your “Standard EzTrack Commute Information” (commute profile), or edit the information if it is different than what is already in our system, then click “Save Standard Trip.”  From there you can select the day(s) you commute to/from work, and then save and/or edit the tracking information if it is different from the standard commute information you setup at the beginning of the process.   You can enter commute trips daily, weekly, or monthly for up to 30 previous calendar days.

Trip Tracking will help you measure the savings of your alternative commute – both to your wallet and the environment. If you use transit, bike, walk to work, telework, or already carpool, just log in record your trip and watch the savings add up. 

EzTrack Winners 2018

  • January – Kimberly Hilton
  • February – Ellen Alexander
  • Lucky as a Leprechaun Drawing: Joann Sowders
  • March – Corinne Tucker
  • April – Gene Davis
  • May – Lee Waller
  • June – Ken Leboutillier
  • July – Joy Goodspeed
  • January – Lydia Quiles
  • February – Darlene Serrago
  • March – Lyall Smith (Sarasota)
  • April – Dennis Budde
  • May – Cheryl Klosterman
  • June – Karen Smith
  • July – Doug Hunter
  • August – Robert Sismour
  • September – Tammy Pancake
  • October – David Gilley
  • November – Carol May
  • December – Laurie LeBoutillier
  • January – Jean B. (Polk)
  • February – Jordan L. (Sarasota)
  •  March – Kari C. (Sarasota)
  •  April – Brittany L. (Polk)
  •  April – Ana M. (Polk)
  •  May – Darlene S. (Sarasota)
  •  June – Lyall S. (Sarasota)
  • July – Ellen A. (Lee)
  • August – Tammy P. (Lee)
  • September –
  • October – John O. (Manatee)
  • November –
  • December – Laura M. (Polk)