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Your company and employees can benefit from the following commuter programs:


Commuter Services’ online ridematching system (EZ Ride) makes finding someone to share the ride with fast, free, and easy.  We’ll match your employees with other interested commuters who are looking for someone to share the ride with.  We match commuters based on where they live, where they work, and the hours they commute.


Like carpooling, vanpools are simply larger groups of commuters (usually 5 – 15) who ride together in a personally-owned, employer-provided, or leased vehicle.  Vanpoolers can save time, lower their commute costs, and may be eligible for special tax benefits; employers also benefit from reduced parking demand.

Preferential Parking

Offering carpoolers and vanpoolers dedicated parking spaces close to the building or in a special lot helps to encourage participation and build enthusiasm for ridesharing.


Taking transit can be an excellent, efficient, and low-cost means of commuting. Commuter Services can help by providing route information, schedules, and by offering periodic transit discounts to new riders.  We work with all of the different transit providers throughout Southwest Florida!

Emergency Ride Home

Commuters who regularly use an alternative to driving alone may be eligible for up to four free taxi rides home from work when unforeseen emergencies arise, such as a personal illness or unscheduled overtime.


Studies show that employees who work remotely are more productive, more satisfied with their jobs and have greater retention rates; starting an informal or formal telework program may be right for your company.

Flextime & Alternative Work Schedules

Employees with greater control over their start and stop times are more productive and less stressed; employers with flexible service hours can enhance customer service opportunities.